Holly’s Top 10 New Wallpapers of 2017

Hi it’s Holly, quite a bit ago i wrote a blog for my dad and now I’m bringing it back! so this is my list of my top 10 new wallpaper arrivals!

I Believe in Unicorns


I love i believe in unicorns (i really do) because it has unicorns and rainbows and lots of little girls like me would love to have this in room i definitely would because you can’t find many wallpapers with unicorns and rainbows on and its very sparkly!

Mexican skull 
we only stock this in one colour 🙁


Mexican skulls is awesome and is a really gothic wallpaper and would look fantastic on a bedroom wall. I love it because its just so unique.


Believe in Unicorns (a different one)

Believe in unicorns sends all girls a message you must believe in unicorns, This wallpaper has lots of magic unicorn phrases and pictures and its every girls dream to have this on their bedroom walls.

Maritime Collage


Maritime collage is just like being on holiday at your summer house and if you want to be reminded about all those memories then this is the wallpaper for you especially if you love the beach.


12450 Lollipops Multi

Lollipops! Who doesn’t love ice lollies? This wallpaper will make your eyes melt and is just so fantastic and not very many bedrooms have ice lolly wallpapers in them!

Lucy in the sky parrots


Lucy in the sky parrots is for all animal lovers, mainly parrot lovers! This wallpaper will make you flutter and would look outstanding in your bedroom with all those bright coloured feathers!



Walkies, this is by far one of my favourite wallpapers and comes in a few colours and is perfect for dog lovers, especially me i think this is truly amazing your head will be up in the clouds.

Woodland Adventure


Woodland adventure, this is very very awesome if you love nature and forest animals. Well theres nothing to say apart from this is your type of wallpaper and will make your room glow 🙂

Jungle Friends


Jungle friends very similar to Woodland adventure with all the types of animals that you see in the zoo right in your bedroom! I love this wallpaper, mainly because I’m an animal lover and all these animals are so cute!!!



Carmen  is very floral and colourful this is the wallpaper that makes your room stand out and would be anybody dream to make there bedroom 110% amazing .

That’s all from me this week, I’m off to camp school for three days but I’ll post when I’m next in the shop.. bye

We’ve not updated for a while

It’s been a very busy two years here at Allen Braithwaite and unfortunately our blog has not been updated for some time. However we’ve come up with a plan to keep it up to date. Holly, our second youngest employee aged 11 has taken over the blog and on her school holidays she will add her insights and thoughts on the wallpapers we have in the shop. Holly has grown up around paint and wallpaper and has a keen interest in interior design and writing, although she want’s to be a zoo vet when she grows up, she enjoys working in the shop and helping grandma at weekends and school holidays

Holly will post whenever she needs extra pocket money from dad or grandma 🙂

Lively stripe wallpaper by Oilily

The New Oilily Collection

Oilily and the leading wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création have collaborated to produce a wallpaper collection that reflects the playful world of colour and décor typical of the Dutch lifestyle brand. Sometimes cheerful in delicate shades, sometimes strong and colourful, these wallpapers simply radiate joy. Whether it is in the children’s bedroom or a girl’s bedroom, in the corridor or in the kitchen, the cheerful mood irradiated by Oilily wallpapers will drive out any despondency in an instant.

Continue reading

Rustic Style

Distinctive brick

Exposed brick walls are very popular with people renovating old buildings, it’s usually less expensive to knock the old rotten plaster off and expose the rustic brick wall than to have it fixed. This has started to become a trendy design statement, creating an industrial focal point within the home. Continue reading

How to wallpaper a feature wall

girls hanging wallpaper. Decorating the wallCreating a WOW feature wall is a quick and easy way to change the mood of your living space.

Feature walls require less time, effort and stress than fully redecorating your room and still allow for an injection of personality and style into any room.

Choose a wall that is as plain as possible, without windows and doors that will break up the pattern. Alcoves and chimney breasts are also an excellent choice. Continue reading

Holly’s favourite wallpaper of the month


Hi, my name is Holly Braithwaite. I’m 8 years old and I love to help my family in the shop. i like helping in the shop because its a fun experience for when i am older. it is also very fun helping coustermouse  like you.  .

I’ve been helping my dad with the website this week and I’ve had a good look at all the brilliant wallpapers that we have for sale on the website. I have two favourites this month.

My first favourite is Richmond.  i like richmond because  there is a stag on the front and i love stags, it also has lots more animals on it. it would look brill on  your bedroom wall. i like the country and it would look amazing with your log fire. Continue reading